25 september 2016

Europese datacenters Microsoft met verhoogde privacy van start

Microsoft biedt sinds deze week clouddiensten aan vanuit twee nieuwe Duitse datacenters, waarbij Amerikaanse autoriteiten minder vlug een kijkje zullen kunnen nemen naar de bewaarde gegevens.

22 september 2016

Bedrijven halen veel nieuwe malware binnen

Uit een onderzoek van Check Point Software Technologies blijkt dat iedere dag bijna een miljoen nieuwe malware op de wereld wordt losgelaten. Dit heeft een rechtstreeks verband met het aantal succesvolle malware-aanvallen op bedrijven. 

15 september 2016

New usage reports for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online

Since the first rollout of the usage activity dashboard in March, we’ve continued our work to provide you with a better reporting experience. Many of the old usage reports have now been migrated to the new admin center. Today, we are happy to announce three new usage reports for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online, which provide you with additional insights about how end users in your organization are using and adopting Office 365.

4 must-haves in setting up a business email like an IT pro

Email haters, beware! A recent survey has proven that email is the top tool used for communication at work and will increase in importance during the next five years. The survey also showed that employees spend 3.2 hours each day checking work-related emails. A separate study by The Radicati Group declared that an average of 122 business emails were sent and received per user per day last year.

What does all this data mean? It’s a good reminder that email is, and will continue to be, a mission-critical application for any business—whether small or large. When setting up a business email solution, there are many factors to consider, especially if yours is a small or midsized company targeted to grow in the next few years.

To find the best email service for your business, only consider those that meet the following must-have criteria:
  1. Hosted email solution—There are two main options for business email setup: in-house and hosted email. For many businesses, the total cost of ownership related to in-house email does not make good financial sense. It might mean imposed storage limits, which are inconvenient to your employees, and it translates into your company being responsible for upgrades and backups. However, when you use a hosted email solution, email hosting services take the burden of operation from your IT team’s shoulders. Hosted email service for business users also can provide dynamic storage options and scale to meet your company where it is in its growth cycle.
  2. Adequate server space—Depending on how large your company is and how much email storage it needs, you will need to choose between shared and dedicated hosting. Many small companies start with shared hosting—which means your physical server is used by multiple tenants—because it is extremely affordable and still provides all the benefits of email hosting services, including security, reliability and privacy. When that shared server space is no longer enough, companies can scale up to dedicated email servers for business. There is often more customization available with a dedicated solution too.
  3. Mobile access—In today’s fast-paced business world, compatibility between your email solution and your workers’ mobile devices is crucial. Not only is it necessary for your employees to be able to access their business emails when away from their desks, it’s also important that you consider an email solution with mobile calendar and document sharing capabilities. In addition, make a selection that is consistently upgraded for mobile technology and allows for syncing with other devices.
  4. A solid provider—When selecting an email service for business purposes, the “who” is just as important as the “what.” Choose a company you can trust, with years of proven experience providing superb email hosting services. Specifically, look for a provider with a strong uptime guarantee, high reliability and fantastic security. The provider’s email solution should make your employees’ jobs easier, including features such as integration between the calendar, contacts and files; a shared calendar feature; and 24/7 support from experts.
It’s fairly evident that email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Organizations should take great care when setting up a business email solution in order to increase efficiency and have a positive effect on the bottom line.

If your looking for a IT team to provide your business with an email solution, you've found one. Contact us for a free quote.

9 september 2016

Overheid gaat je waarschuwen als computer gehackt is

Maakt je computer deel uit van een onzichtbaar botnet, dan gaat de overheid je daar binnenkort bij monde van je provider op wijzen.

10 meest destructieve computervirussen

Getting a computer virus has happened to many users in some fashion or another. To most, it is simply a mild inconvenience, requiring a cleanup and then installing that antivirus program that you’ve been meaning to install but never got around to. But in other cases, it can be a complete disaster, with your computer turning into a very expensive brick which which no amount of antivirus can protect.
In this list, we will highlight some of the worst and notorious computer viruses that have caused a lot of damage in real life. And since people usually equate general malware like worms and trojan horses as viruses, we’re including them as well. These malware have caused tremendous harm, amounting to billions of dollars and disrupting critical real life infrastructure. Here are the 10 most famous and malicious computer viruses.

11 Tips on How to Identify a Phishing or Spoofing Email

Phishing attacks are more rampant than ever before, rising by more than 162 percent from 2010 to 2014. They cost organizations around the globe $4.5 billion every year and over half of internet users get at least one phishing email per day.

8 september 2016

West-Vlaamse IT-sector verenigt zich in vzw

Een groep van een tiental West-Vlaamse organisaties richt de vzw Brug-IT op. Samen vormen ze een aanspreekpunt voor bedrijven en studenten.

De vzw is het resultaat van de eerste vakbeurs van Brugse IT-bedrijven in 2015. De bedrijven die toen van de partij waren, slaan nu de handen in elkaar om een nieuw project op poten te zetten. In het totaal zetten zeven bedrijven en drie academische instellingen, waaronder de KU Leuven, hun schouders onder de vzw.

Brug-IT moet functioneren als centraal aanspreekpunt in de Brugse IT-sector. Onder andere willen de oprichtende leden informatie verstrekken, netwerkevents organiseren, en de West-Vlaamse sector vertegenwoordigen. Zo kunnen ondernemers er terecht met vragen, waarna ze in contact worden gebracht met de juiste bedrijven, maar kunnen ook studenten terecht voor projecten of het vinden van een stageplaats in de sector.

IT-bedrijven uit de regio zijn welkom om lid te worden, laat Brug-IT weten. Daarvoor kunnen ze contact opnemen via de site.